You Can Learn All About Life With Dentures Before You Receive Your Appliance

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At Letitia M. Williams, DDS, LLC, we would be thrilled to provide you with in-depth information about dentures to help you determine if this type of tooth replacement is right for you. Review the answers to the following denture questions to help you learn more about what it’s like to have.

How do complete dentures differ from partial dentures?
Complete dentures are a full arch of synthetic teeth that fills your smile by suctioning to the roof of your mouth. Partial dentures are a bridge clasp that anchors to the teeth on either side of a large gap to replace those few missing teeth.

What does it feel to wear dentures?
At first, it may feel strange to have dentures in your mouth, and you may experience some soreness and irritation in your gums. However, your dentures will feel natural once your jaw, cheeks, and tongue have adjusted to the change.

Will dentures change the way I feel about my smile?
You may have some frustrations and struggles as you practice chewing and speaking with your dentures, but eating small bites of soft food and reading aloud will help you feel confident about your beautiful new smile in no time!

How often do I need to wear my dentures?
We suggest wearing your denture appliance all the time, even to bed, when you first receive it. Then, as it begins to feel natural, you can restrict your denture wear to daytime only.

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