Perfecting Your Smile with Veneers

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When you look in the mirror, are you bothered by discolored, misshapen, or damaged teeth? A lot of people are, but many are joining the veneer revolution and finding a new gleam in their grin. Call Letitia M. Williams, DDS, LLC at 334.377.3778 and you can find out if veneers are a good choice for you. Meanwhile, let’s learn a little about them.

A veneer is a thin piece of material placed over and formed to the tooth to cover deformities. They are used to create the natural look of teeth and provide resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel. Our dentist, Dr. Letitia M. Williams, may prescribe a veneer or veneers to you in order to close tooth gaps or correct small misalignments. Other patients choose to get veneers to whiten, shine, or perfect their smile.

How do they work? You will need to select the material your veneer will be formed from. Dr. Letitia M. Williams will most likely suggest porcelain veneers because they are great for correcting shape and color issues and last a long time. After you make this decision, the procedure can begin.

The process generally takes two appointments. Though Dr. Letitia M. Williams will individually customize your appointments to your dental situation, this is likely what she will do:

First Appointment
1. Clean your teeth
2. Prepare your teeth
3. Take a mold of your teeth/tooth (a lab technician will use it to construct a new veneer)

Second Appointment
1. Clean your teeth
2. Place adhesive and cement
3. Place veneer for exact fit and contour
4. Light cure veneer for 60 seconds
5. Wash and polish veneer

It is a simple procedure, but the benefits will be grandly extensive. After your surgery, we guarantee a contagious smile. Remember to call us at 334.377.3778 to see if veneers are the right choice for you.