Caring for Your Dentures

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If our dentist, Dr. Letitia M. Williams, recommends dentures to rescue your smile from missing teeth, you will want to take good care of them. Whether you have custom-crafted complete dentures or partial dentures, your smile care is just as important to maintain as with your own teeth. To help you look and feel your best while wearing your dentures, we would like to share some denture care steps with you today.

Step 1: Rinsing

After you eat, whether it is a meal or snack, you will want to rinse food particles and oral debris from your smile. After removing your denture, place it on a hand towel to keep it safe from being dropped, or put water in the sink in case you do drop them. Be gentle with your dentures when handling them so that nothing is bent or damaged.

Step 2: Cleaning Teeth and Gums

If you still have natural teeth in your smile, you will want to brush them with a soft-bristled brush. You can clean the soft tissues in the mouth with moist gauze. Be sure to clean all areas of your mouth, including the roof, tongue, and cheeks.

Step 3: Cleaning Dentures

To clean your dentures, brush with a soft toothbrush once a day and soak in a gentle denture cleaner that is nonabrasive. You want to rid the dentures of food, plaque, and any oral debris. Don’t forget to brush the grooves to remove any denture adhesive.

Step 4: Soaking Dentures

If your dentures are not in your mouth you will want to keep them moist. Soak overnight in warm or cold water or in a mild solution specifically made for dentures. Always follow the instructions provided by the packaging when using solutions. Before putting dentures which have soaked overnight in your mouth, rinse carefully to remove all denture solution residue.

Step 5: Regular Checkups

Always check with Dr. Letitia M. Williams if you have any concerns about your dentures and be sure to keep current with routine scheduled checkups. During your visit, we will ensure that your dentures fit well to avoid slipping or discomfort while wearing them. We will make sure your dentures aren’t loose as this can irritate your gums and other oral tissue.

To schedule a visit with our team in Union Springs, Alabama please call 334.377.3778. Dr. Letitia M. Williams is happy to help you maintain your beautiful, confident smile!