Brushing Your Teeth with Whitening Toothpaste Might Help Maintain Your Smile’s Appearance After a Bleaching Treatment

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Many of the whitening products sold in stores lack the potency to improve significant dental staining problems. To fully remove stains from your smile you will need to have Dr. Letitia M. Williams administer a dental bleaching treatment.

The potent whitening agents and professional techniques she employs can remove set-in stains from your teeth without risking harm to your teeth or gums. Even once your smile has been professionally whitened you will still need to take measures to prevent future stains.

This can involve abstaining from tobacco as well as cutting back on dark beverages and specific foods known to cause dental stains. You can also help prevent new surface stains from developing on your smile by brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste.

When shopping for whitening toothpaste, you need to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This logo can only be printed on oral hygiene products that have met stringent guidelines for safe and effective oral use.

If you live in the Union Springs, Alabama, area and you have stained teeth in your smile, you should call 334.377.3778 to set up a whitening consultation at Letitia M. Williams, DDS, LLC.