Are there Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth whitening is one of the most general cosmetic procedures we offer at Letitia M. Williams, DDS, LLC! Those who are on a tight budget, however, may look for natural remedies to teeth whitening. Found online or in magazines, there are many do-it-yourself whitening techniques and ideas recommended.

This can include household items that carry malic acid or lactic acids like cheese strawberries, oranges, apple cider vinegar or baking soda. You may have seen claims of whitening with charcoal-based scrubs or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste. Even swishing oils like coconut oil in your mouth (referred to as oil pulling) or using spices like turmeric has been said to brighten a smile.

Let’s get to the facts of natural teeth whitening remedies:
Fruit is a great food choice in general. Be wary though, the acids found in fruit and vinegar can wear down the natural enamel of your teeth. This makes you more prone to tooth sensitivity and cavities.
Scrubs include ingredients like activated charcoal and a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Frankly, these scrubs are too abrasive on the enamel of your teeth. If your protective enamel is depleted by these scrubs, it will result in exposing the dentin layer of your tooth, a softer, yellow tissue.
Spices and Oils have absolutely no scientific evidence proving to whiten teeth, but they are healthy, so you may just want to keep them in the kitchen.

Still curious about whitening methods? Really, the most effective and natural habits to keep your teeth white are considered common knowledge, but are still disregarded in their value. Dr. Letitia M. Williams recommends brushing twice and flossing once daily, using a whitening toothpaste and limiting coffee, wine and smoking. Regular checkups and cleanings at Letitia M. Williams, DDS, LLC also help. Please call 334.377.3778 to learn more about the best teeth whitening options for you.