A Severely Decayed Tooth Might Need to Be Removed so It Can Be Replaced by a Bridge

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Left unchecked, severe tooth decay on any one of your teeth can pose a serious threat to your oral health and the overall function of your mouth. Sometimes the decay can penetrate so deep into the tooth that it compromises the sensitive internal structures. In extreme cases, the root of the tooth can be so badly damaged, decayed, or infected, that Dr. Letitia M. Williams cannot save it.

In a situation like this, Dr. Letitia M. Williams may advocate extracting the entire tooth in preparation for replacing it with a bridge. To do this, we will need to form abutments out of the two closest teeth. This is done by using a drill to remove all of the tooth enamel. We will then form an impression of the area. This will be sent to a state of the art dental lab where your new bridge will be made.

Dr. Letitia M. Williams will then secure a hard plastic temporary crown over each abutment to protect it while the lab is busy producing your final bridge. We will call you to schedule a brief second appointment when your bridge comes back from the dental lab. The temporary crowns will then be removed and your new bridge cemented in place.

If you have a severely decayed tooth in your mouth, please contact our experienced team in Union Springs, Alabama at 334.377.3778 to explore your treatment and restoration options. Dr. Letitia M. Williams is happy to help you achieve all your smile needs!